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We are glad that you have contacted us through our updated website! We hope that on this site you will find it easier and more convenient to find the information and products you are interested in, ask questions to employees of our company and receive satisfaction from cooperation with us! The search for information about our products has become much easier, and the online assistant will always prompt and simplify your search, answer questions and save your time considerably.

Watch the shares of our company, because now you have the opportunity to track discounts and make profitable purchases on time! The news displays the latest developments in the production of UralPak, as well as the emergence of new products. Monitor and evaluate the importance of the information received – this is also provided with a “feedback” dialog box with you!

In the future, UralPak plans to launch an online store on its website, this will allow you to simplify and facilitate the processes of ordering and making purchases, to have up-to-date information on the balances and availability of the products you need.

Now our site has become adaptive. It is convenient to view from mobile devices.

With respect and attention to you, the company “UralPak”!

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