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About us

The company “UralPak” belongs to the category of Large and Successful companies, working in the market since 1997 in the field of manufacturing of polymer films. Our enterprise was repeatedly awarded with diplomas and medals at federal and regional exhibitions for the production of high-quality and modern packaging.

To date, our company covers its territory with the territory of Russia and Kazakhstan, has customers in Belarus and Uzbekistan. Using our own corporate identity and logo allows our products to be recognizable. Products with our logo do not need advertising or quality control.

Our company is engaged in the manufacture of films, packages and packaging with the customer’s logo. We offer our customers products from single-layer as well as multi-layered films. The park of our equipment allows you to put an image of almost any complexity, all colors and shades. Unlike competitors who use traditional flexo printing, we use the most advanced method: gravure printing, the best in the world has not yet come up with anything, because money is printed in this way. All of the above helps to make the goods of our customers the most attractive and quality.

The technological process is built in such a way that the waste is fully returned to production, which allows us to work without pollution of the environment.
The success of our company is ensured by observing the five principles that guide our employees at the time of making any decisions:

1. Justice;
2. High quality at a low price;
3. The buyer is a friend;
4. Even today, do what others will think tomorrow;
5. The profit is above all, but the honor is above profit.

History of “UralPak”

1997 year
January 14, 1997 the company was established. In April, equipment was received in the amount of 4 units: an extruder, a printing press and 2 bag cutters for the production of bags. In May, the first production was produced. The number of the company was 12 people.

2000 year
At the beginning of the year, we bought a production base with a land plot of 1.5 hectares, an area of 3000 m², which was rebuilt and renovated there. We moved to the new site completely in May of the same year. Production volume increased 10 times: 5 extruders, 5 packers, 2 printing machines. At the end of the year, the company employed 100 people.

2006 year
A technical control department and a quality control laboratory were established, which allowed us to take our enterprise to a new level of development. This became necessary with an increase in production capacity of up to 300 tons per month. At the end of the year the company employs 165 people.

2007 year
Participation in the exhibition “RosUpack-2007”. The number of employees has increased to 173 people.

2015 year
Acquisition of multilayer extruders, increase in production capacity to 500 tons per month. Conducting automation and modernization of production, application of innovative approach to production allowed to reduce technological losses and bring the number of employees of the enterprise to 125 people.

2016 year
The company was certified and ISO 9001 certificate was obtained.

2018 year
Increase production capacity to 600 tons per month due to the acquisition of new modern equipment.

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